Local Business Sponsorship

The new Friday-Ad local sponsorship package refreshes the traditional advertising model by offering a new, online advertising product which targets your business sector around your local area.

We use proven banner positioning and data to capture the attention of customers in your business category and in your catchment location.

As experts in marketplace advertising, our banners will provide excellent exposure on all digital devices to drive new leads to your business. 

Benefits of Friday-Ad local sponsorship

  1. Targeted local coverage - get your ad seen by the right people
  2. Relevant category interest and audience
  3. Full digital exposure across multiple devices - Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  4. Dominate your local category and marketplace
  5. Get inside the User's buying journey
  6. Drive real leads and visitors to your business, not just impressions
  7. Consistent brand exposure
  8. Free creative service - we'll make your ad and edit the copy every 6 months
  9. Quarterly clicks report - see how your ad is performing
  10. Measurable results, excellent ROI

Why clicks and not impressions?

  • The Friday-Ad Local Banner Sponsorship is created to drive clicks and leads directly to your website. With your business category and targeted location, this is far more effective for smaller or location-sensitive businesses. With enhanced targeting, we're able to deliver and measure accurate results which will provide an excellent return on your investment.

Prices start from just  £40 per month

Banner exposure

Our expert in-house design team will create you banner ads to be seen on every type of device. Each ad is responsive and will change shape and size based on the device used by the customer.  

I’m very pleased with Friday-Ad, have nothing but good things to say about a terrific company. A great company that provides fantastic customer care and satisfaction.”  

-AMR Granite

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Target 2m visitors per month

Select from 65 categories onsite

Target 122 different Locations

  • Traditional online advertisers use impression model which tracks a set number before the ad is switched off. We believe this is wasteful, especially as Google’s own research suggests 56% of impressions are not even viewed by site visitors (source: Marketing Week).
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Exclusivity - Brand Awareness - Local visibility

With Friday-Ad Local Banner Sponsorship

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Desktop banners

  • Search results banner
  • Leaderboard Ad
  • MPU on ad details page

Tablet banners

  • Search results banner
  • Leaderboard Ad
  • MPU on ad details page

Mobile banners

  • Search results MPU
  • MPU on ad details page

1) Select your business category

2) Select your location

3) Select your duration (6 or 12 months)

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